30 Stunning Tiny House Designs That You May Not Want to Miss

Tiny houses which own significant popularity over the last decade have popped up nowadays all over the country and become one of the best choices for young people to downsize their lives.


1. Bestie Row

Bestie Row, built by four couples in Texas, solves the dream that people want to live in houses lined next to each other. It presents a sense of minimalism with the metal exterior, concrete floors, and grained plywood and each tiny house is built with a living room, bedroom, and bathroom.


2. Dreamy Treehouse

This treehouse-slash-guest house created by Emily and Sloane Southard from Nashville seems tiny from the outside. It is perfectly built with a bedroom, living room and office area though only with 100 square feet. Inspired by the poem by Wendell Berry, the finished tiny house was named "The Fox House".


3. Cabin in the Woods

As the vacation home designed by Alex Scott Porter for his father, the 550-square-foot cottage built on Maine's Ragged Island is designed with the solar panels which can collect energy for the power of refrigerator and the heat for shower water. Aside from that, the stove fixed by a hearth made of local beach stones keep the temperature of the whole building.


4. Bold Design

Are you still think that it's not good to use dark colors in a small space room? Wrong! This tiny house of 280-square-foot here proves that bold design throughout the room also can be attractive. Decorated with the moody colors overall, the Indigo Tiny Home is a successful product created by Driftwood Homes USA.


5. Eclectically Colorful

Designed by Kim Lewis, this 400-square-foot home is refit from two mobile trailers and connected only by a deck. As an interior designer who believes that colorful details open up the compact spaces, he makes the tiny house on the theme full of color.


6. Floating Tiny House

As the summer resort for the couple Foy and Louisa Brown from Maine, the floating cabin which is only 240 square feet was assembled onshore. The tiny floating house was built using pine shiplap based on the float foundation which rigs plastic floatation tugs, pontoons, and styrofoam. With a 55-gallon tank, Louisa ferries water for the supply of the daily use, including the shower and kitchen. Aside from that, she also uses barrels collecting rainwater for plants.


7. Well-appointed Cottage

The 392-square-foot cottage, inspired by the team who designed the gorgeous cottages at Canoe Bay resort, appears to be a high-end cabin which is actually a park model RV on wheels. The large window wall adds a luxurious feel to the cottage, which features people a separate bedroom, kitchen, living room with fireplace and bathroom. The large door area with a screened porch can also be used as an extended living room or the dining space. Moreover, the chaise lounge with red strips is ready to be used as a bed which will be perfect for naps in the middle of the day.


8. Tiny Luxury Cabin

The 400-square-foot transportable cabin, designed and built by WheelHaus, seems like a luxury house at first glance. However, it is a park model trailer actually. It casts people a rustic yet modern feeling with a large sliding glass window and the superior ceilings. Furthermore, the 100-square-foot deck offers space with additional entertaining elements. This small park trailer can be used as a vacation cottage which features a bedroom, combined kitchen and living room, and bathroom.


9. Yellow Cottage

With the 308-square-foot living area, this yellow cottage designed by Katrina Cottages includes a miniature front porch, a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. It cost about $575 for the building of this house and also its construction license. And it costs about $38,000 to $6,000 to fulfill the whole construction.


10. Pequod House

Named after the ship in Moby Dick, the Pequod is a combination of the modern facilities and high-grade material. Occupying 208-square-foot area, it's hard to believe that one Indiana family of four members live in this tiny house until you see the inside design.


11. Delicate Cabin

This chic and modern 250-square-foot cabin, designed by Broadhurst Architects, was converted by the traditional farm buildings which are used for storing the dry corn. This cabin which takes its basic form from the traditional American corn cribs features people a sleeping loft, living room, bathroom and an expandable kitchen wall. It connects the interior space to the land area by the glass garage door opening to a small deck. This cabin can be relocated to another place since it is made of sustainable and recyclable materials.


12. Refined Woodland Cabin

Located among the madrone trees on the Orcas Island, the 400-square-foot woodland cabin with the beautiful decorations is designed by architect David Vandervort. This cross-shaped cabin provides distinct alcoves for the dining room and bathroom. And the ladder gives access to the loft bedroom above the living room. The French doors lead people out to the cabin's entrance.


13. Countryside Hideaway

Located in Somerset, England, this 160-square-foot hut which features a fully fitted kitchen and a separate bathroom was designed with beautiful vintage style. You can get everything you may expect in a self-catering cottage here in the hut. Surrounded by the natural farmland, stepping out of the shepherds on the deck, you can enjoy your breakfast overlooking the water.


14. Rustic Cottage

Designed by Texas Tiny Houses, the Arched Zebu is a tiny prairie house which mostly are made from salvaged materials which are almost 200-year old. This 216-square-foot rustic cottage features a loft sleeping room, kitchen and shabby chic details with the beautiful arched glass windows. Actually there a pair of such houses which are known as the Zebu Sisters with one named Vicky Zebu and another one named Arched Zebu.


15. Gorgeous Backyard Getaway

Renovated from two century-old sheds by Dallas designer Paige Morse, the cozy home occupying a small space looks stylish, comfortable and space-efficient. It took Paige about four months to design the two sheds into a 250-square-foot guest house with only two bedrooms.


16. The Matchbox

Designed by Jay Austin with assistance from Tony Gilchriest and Matt Battin, the 140-square-foot matchbox is a combination of modern design and sustainability techniques, like the solar array, rain catchment, etc. The matchbox features large windows for the passive cooling feel, the rain chains for rain catchment and the earthen plaster for the humidity control.


17. Converted Laundry Room

You must think it is impossible for you to live in your laundry room. However, you will believe it until you see the 88-square-foot converted laundry room. Designed by the talented architect Christi Azevedo, the gorgeous renovated house is completed with reclaimed wood beams and walls built with red brick. Taking advantage of every inch of the space, Azevedo makes a full-service home which seems very cozy.


18. Pop-Out Porch

Pop-Out Porch, another product designed by Nashville-based New Frontier, features the 200-square-foot garage into a tiny house squeezing the farmhouse sink, subway tile, and shiplap walls altogether. Best of all, the sliding glass garage door with a deck popping out of the house makes the meal alfresco more convenient.


19. Skinny House

Can you imagine that three stories are filling up in this narrow house in Asheville, North Carolina? The cottage which costs about $175 per night provides you a cozy sleeping loft leading by the winding wooden steps. Two armchairs will be in front of you the moment you step in this house. The mirrors are hung on the walls to save space for large windows if possible. Besides, this skinny house which is only a block away from the restaurants, theaters, downtown bars and more.


20. Luxury Farmhouse on Wheels

Equipped with the sleeping loft, living room, kitchen, bathroom and even a laundry machine, the luxury farmhouse designed by Tiny Heirloom Homes is only 192-square-foot filled up with authentic country features and hand-crafted details. This small house can be used as a travel trailer on the road anywhere you like since it was built on wheels.


21. Cutest Little Porch

Built by Dough Schroeder from Guntersville, Alabama, the 150-square-foot tiny house has a relaxing area which leads you to a bright kitchen with ample storage space. The high ceilings of this house made by wooden beams allow you to make two loft areas. Therefore, you can take advantage of those space to make a sleeping area for the guest or even you can make it as your office if you like. The combination of the wood and white pairs offers people a cottage-like feel with the homey touches like wicker furniture.


22. A Tiny Cottage with Backstory

This family built a tiny cottage which is only 576-square-foot on the location of their damaged home after Hurricane Katrina took their 2000-square-foot house away. With the help of Architect Bruce Lanier, They built a new beach cottage which features large windows to let the sunlight in through the open space provided by the high ceilings. And this time they invest more money on the house's foundation which features the wind-resistant enforcement to avoid the damage of the next storm.


23. Mobile Farmhouse

A neat and warm feel full of country character embraces you the moment you step into the tiny 250-square-foot house. This farmhouse-inspired home full of natural light is mostly made from the reclaimed wood which displays people a pastoral yet modern sense of touch.


24. Serene Tiny House

Designed by Alek Lisefski, this tiny house with ten windows and a full-glass door bringing tons of light provides people a modern and passive solar design. All the resource including the water collection, solar panels, etc. will be available once located in a more permanent spot. Built on a 160-square-foot trailer, most materials used in this house is incredibly efficient due to its tiny size.


25. Garage Converted Tiny House

Michelle from Seattle transforms her garage into a cozy 250-square-foot house which includes a sleeping loft, a bathroom and a stove burning wood, along with pieces of furniture all repurposed, salvaged by herself. She also acted as her own general contractor in order to save expenses in this converted house. Finally, she turned her one-car garage into a beautiful tiny house only for &32,000.


26. Tiny House on the Prairie

Built in 2003 on the Minnesota prairie near Lake Pepin, this 336-square-foot tiny house created by a violinist was used to make her family enjoy the off-grid living. Here in this house, people will benefit from the sunbath due to the floor-to-ceiling glass windows on both sides. Wrapped in douglas fir, the interior design features the house a built-in cabinetry and kitchen. The exterior design with an oxidizing paint provides people a rustic yet hardy sense.


27. Luxury Treehouse

This luxury treehouse inspired by the 1920s cabins and vintage Boy Scout tents which located in Elkhorn Wisconsin was designed by Wes Anderson for his the Moonrise Kingdom. Built around a massive elm tree, the most noticeable feature of this house is that only three legs support it.

Aside from that, it is equipped with the tree swings, Pendleton blankets, and Mason jar light fixtures. With this luxury treehouse, people can read books in the library of the treehouse on a rainy day or even spend their lazy afternoon on the bottom level hammock since it acts as an open space for people.


28. Bayside Bungalow

Brittany Yunker who has no building experience built her 160-square-foot home located in Olympia with the help of Tumbleweed's construction plans which once was one of the company's most modern designs. Heated by a mini gas fireplace in the living room, this tiny house also provides hot water for sink and shower. Aside from that, it is also outfitted with electricity to support the electric wall heater. It took Brittany 5-month full-time work to build this house-on-wheels which is also available to rent.


29. Yolo Cabin

Sitting on a 400-acre farm in Yolo Country, the Yolo cabin inspired by the structure of the local water towers is designed by Butler Armsden Architects. The Yolo cabin allows people to get the 360-degree views horizontally. Meanwhile, the main room of the cabin is located in the leaned section which is also elevated off the ground in order to enhance the view. Besides, designed in the inclined degree, the air during the room will be freely circulated during hot summers. With the support of the two large glulam beams, the Yolo cabin can be moved easily in the future if you like.


30. Farmhouse Chic

Built by Nashville-based New Frontier, the Cedar Mountain Tiny House may look small on the outside view. However, due to the farmhouse style, it displays a big house view inside with repurposed accessories, subway tile, shiplap walls and the gorgeous hardwood floors, which will be a perfect combination of simplicity and chic.

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