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The Microsoft Office suite is a must-use tool when looking for a powerful and complete office suite. This time we help you find a panel of 5 software. For Microsoft Office 2010, it has been updated to make itself more advanced in the era of time.

The suite in Microsoft Office 2010 does not revolutionize the sequel eponymous, but it brings a wind of novelties by adding functions requested and expected by users. If the interface does not evolve graphically, it now adopts a more energy-efficient mode of operation for the user's computer, which increases productivity.

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Microsoft Word provides users tools to create a professional and beautiful document, help users save time. Microsoft Office Word has been the most popular word processor application. As the core application of the Microsoft Office, Word provides lots of simple document creation tools and also provides a rich set of features for creating sophisticated documents. It makes your documents more attractive.


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet where people can experience calculation, pivot tables, graphing tools and even the macro programming language named Visual Basic for Applications. Being a widely used spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel has been taken advantage of in many platforms.


Microsoft PowerPoint gives you access to edit, present, view or share easily and quickly wherever you are. PowerPoint provides you a way to create the slide-based presentation on Android and Apple mobile operating devices. With the function of Microsoft PowerPoint in Microsoft Office 2010, you are taking office with you to work and present the files to anyone, anywhere.


With Microsoft Outlook, you can access all your email accounts, calendars, and files in just one convenient app. Microsoft Outlook has millions of users. And it enables you to access all the email accounts, calendars, and files in just one convenient place. Recently, it has redesigned its theme and look - which gives you the best mail experience on your smartphones.


The software OneNote made its appearance in 2010. It is a small software able to share with all friends any information. Just drag or drop a media into OneNote, add the additional information, and share it. Much expected, it exceeds the expectations of users, allowing live transfers to connected friends.

Microsoft Office 2010


● Many features added in this version 2010

● Better document management

● More fluency

● OneNote shortened load times, perfectly in line with the user’s demand


● A real breath of fresh air is missing as a result of Microsoft

● Some bugs that can remain

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