AOL for PC

AOL Desktop is a powerful web browser and instant messaging software giving users access to news, videos, emails and chatting online.

Developed by AOL Inc, AOL is available for various devices and platforms including iOS, Android, and windows. AOL keeps you updated with the latest emails, the hottest news and the trending videos all over the world. You can share all the things you find interesting with friends on Facebook, Twitter and email.

Average User Rating:
4.4, 2486 votes


Windows Software is compatible with:

- Windows Vista;

- Windows 7 & Windows 8;

- Windows 10.


◆ If you are tired of installing a lot of browsers to find what you want, AOL can solve your sore point. As an all-in-one browser, it includes their most popular programs with a user-friendly interface to give you a more integrated browsing experience.

◆ AOL is equipped with a gadget which enables you to type in your search queries. With its powerful search engine, you can easily find what you want.

◆ AOL gives you access to trending news, videos coving all categories like entertainment, finance, sports and more every day. Its fast-loading email function will help you to deal with work more efficiently.

◆ The AOL Instant Messenger, namely AIM is also included in this software. As one of the most popular and longest messaging platforms, AIM allows you to chat with friends on your PC while you are browsing the internet to check emails, watch news and videos.


◆ Powerful all-in-one browser

◆ User-friendly interface


◆ Sometimes freeze

◆ Hard to install

◆ Need many personal information/p>

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