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Similar to the Google Play store, Aptoide is an Android app store which has over 800,000 different applications for users to free download. Nowadays, Aptoide has been the largest independent Android app store enabling users to search, browse and install their favorite applications on the Android phone. Besides, Aptoide is available in over 40 languages.

All users can create their own app store using Aptoide. Therefore, it is more than a store, it’s a store of stores. The Aptoide platform has reached more than 150 million users and 2.8 billion downloads till now.

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Windows Software is compatible with:

- Windows Vista;

- Windows 7 & Windows 8;

- Windows 10.


Multiple applications

Aptoide app store will give users access to multiple applications, some of which even are not available on Google Play store. Developers can upload their applications without any cost with the help of Aptoide. Meanwhile, Aptoide lets users view and download applications according to the requirements.

Security improvements

The Aptoide software is available on a vast range of devices, like PC, Android, and iOS. Besides, Aptoide will make a strict security supervision on those developers not allowing them to upload any threat applications. Therefore, users don’t need to worry about the security of the applications they want to download.

Best applications

Aptoide owns more applications than Google Play since Aptoide always receive the applications that Google Play rejects. It becomes more and more popular as the number of applications is increased more in the application market. So it will be possible for users to download applications in Aptoide for free.

Download manager

Aptoide also has the function of being a good download manager which helps users find their favorite apps when they first come to this software. Furthermore, users will get the safe data of applications and back up their applications with the help of download manager.

Premium applications

As we all know, most powerful features can only be available in those paid versions of applications. Not everyone wants to get and try the beneficial and convenient features costing any money. Here with Aptoide you can download premium applications without paying a penny, which is different from the Google Play store.

History of Aptoide

In 2009, at the summer camp Aptoide came up with a proposal of Paulo Trezentos which was accepted and became the Aptoide today.

In the end of 2010, Aptoide was first released in the Bazaar Android site which allowed users to create their own store on it.

In November 2011, Aptoide was incorporated in Europe.

In August 2012, Aptoide merged with Bazaar Android to offer a better communication.

In 2013, Aptoide gots the seed funding of 750.000 euros from Portugal Ventures.

In 2014, Aptoide complain about Google through filing a European Union Antitrust, claiming that Google set users obstacles to install the third-party app stores.

In May 2015, Aptoide opened an office in Singapore to start its operations in Asia.

In October 2016, Aptoide growed its alternative Android app store in the emerging markets by landing $4M.

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