Chess Titans for PC

Chess Titans is a 3D graphics chess game which has ten levels of difficulty and it is an animated game. Players can play it with another player or against the computer. It is available for multiple devices like Windows 7, XP and Vista.

Chess Titans is very proper for beginning chess players to play since it offers instructions for new arrivals in its game center. However, as one of the most beloved chess game, it cannot be available for Windows 8 and 10. There is a broad conclusion of tutorials for beginners to build their skills gradually. Come to challenge yourself now!

Average User Rating:
4.6, 1850 votes


Windows Software is compatible with:

- Windows Vista;

- Windows 7 & Windows 8;

- Windows 10.

Features of Chess Titans

❍ Adaption of the classic

It is a good adaption of the classic to have the Windows 8 version of Chess Titans. You can enjoy the 3D version of chess here. The rules of this game will be as follows: Knights move in the shape of “L”, pawns will be sacrificed in the epicenter of the board, and the king will be bothersome.

Don’t be worried if you are new players of chess. Chess Titans will help new arrivals move at all times. Besides, you can also enjoy different levels of difficulty. You can download Solitaire on our website if you are bored of Chess Titans.

❍ 3D graphics

Chess Titans provides users a beautiful version of chess due to its 3D graphics. It makes the appropriate proportions and design of the board and the pieces. Meanwhile, users can also play with pieces made of wood, crystal or porcelain,etc.

Chess Titans also offers users a great and real board experience. In this game, users must drag each piece to the new square, and there are several different configurations.

❍ A second chance

It has been many years since its release. However, Chess Titans is still a good game. Most people realized that they’d spent great times with it until it was removed from the latest versions of Windows. Fortunately, the destiny provides you a second chance to challenge it.


• Offer tips and tricks for new players

• Options of 10 different levels of difficulty

• Guide beginners about the game of chess


• Not a proper game for users of Windows 10

• A weak chess engine

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