IPTV is a multimedia software which offers a way for users to watch internet videos, streaming shows or their favorite channels Live. It is available for multiple devices including Android, PC, Mac, Linux and more.

Defined as the secure and reliable delivery of entertainment video services, IPTV enables users to experience the required level of services, such as Live TV, Interactive TV, and Video On Demand. IPTV is able to stream the media source continuously which means it can start playing the content like streaming videos immediately.

  • License:Free
  • Developer:Alexander Sofronov
  • Category: Multimedia, Movies & TV, Streaming videos, Video
  • Link:Official Website
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4.2, 2399 votes


Windows Software is compatible with:

- Windows Vista;

- Windows 7 & Windows 8;

- Windows 10.

IPTV Features:

◆ The playlist history will be convenient for users to use it again.

◆ Users can choose the grid or list view of TV channels.

◆ IPTV supports programs in XMLTV and JTV formats.

◆ M3U and XSPF playlists are also supported here.

◆ Multicast streams need to be played with UDP proxy.

IPTV Pro Features:

◆ Ads free

◆ Users can set the options of auto-play the last channel.

◆ Extended playlists history are offered in the pro version.

◆ If the connection is closed unexpectedly, IPTV can auto-reconnect to the streaming server.

◆ You can start the software on device boot option which is useful for the set-top boxes.


◆ It provides a customizable user experience.

◆ IPTV offers streaming media instead of downloaded videos.

◆ Users can access to IPTV through TVs, PCs, tablets and smartphones.

◆ IPTV performs quicker than other forms of streaming media software on its interface and channel surfing.


◆ Each TV shows need to be supported by Ethernet cable.

◆ Users have to select the shows they want to watch.

◆ Another main issue it that the quality of set-top box since the providers don’t offer their service with subscription.

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