iTunes for PC

iTunes, developed by Apple Inc., is a media player which allows users to manage their iOS devices along with downloading content from the iTunes store and using Apple Music. Released on January 9, 2001, iTunes enables users to download, play and organize different types of multimedia files including video and music, etc.

Actually the main focus of the music, which offers a library of organization and storage of users’ music collections. iTunes is compatible with multiple devices including iOS, Windows and Mac systems.

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Windows Software is compatible with:

- Windows Vista;

- Windows 7 & Windows 8;

- Windows 10.

iTunes Features:

❍ Great Interface

With less UI chrome and more white space, the interface of iTunes becomes more simplified. We all know that content comes first. The left-side column is removed, and the default view of iTunes is listed in grid order which makes users expand to reveal song listings. Besides, iTunes which has been redesigned offers users great user experience across multiple operating devices.

❍ iCloud Integration

Users now can steam and browse the content more easily than before after the deep improvement of iCloud. The iCloud Integration makes it easier for users to stream and download the other songs he’d already bought without leaving the music library. Similar to the situation of viewing the video content, users can also take advantage of improvement of the iCloud integration.

❍ Up Next

The Up Next feature which is similar to the Queue feature in Spotify enables users to put some tracks in a queue to play automatically without building any playlists. It will be a great feature for people who like parties, and it has been one of the biggest service features of iTunes.

❍ Better Search

The search feature of iTunes has been improved greatly except for being added to the mini player. And now it offers the pop-up interface which allows users to see the returns results of songs, artists, and albums for each result.

❍ Mini Player

What attracts most of all the features may be the new mini player with which users can search anything they like directly from this small window. After its redesign, users can even manage the Up Next queue without opening iTunes.


• Simplified user interface

• Streaming service of Apple Music

• Automatic radio stations

• Improved playlist feature


• Supporting limited file formats

• Lots of features are overwhelmed

• Large download

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