Microsoft Word 2013 for PC

Developed by Microsoft, Microsoft Word 2013 is a complete Microsoft word processor which is compatible with Windows, Tablets, Android and iOS devices. As the world well-known word processor with great versatility, it enables users to enjoy the powerful function of the text editor and formatting features.

Microsoft Word 2013 offers users the simple interface, with which users can quickly find what they need, like hundreds of functions, settings, features and more. All the highlights included support writing and formatting texts including fonts, changes of the text size, themes, color and its appearance in general.

  • License:Free
  • Developer:Microsoft Corporation
  • Category: Business & Productivity, Document Management, Office Suites
  • Link:Official Website
  • Also Available For:AndroidiPhone
Average User Rating:
4.4, 1188 votes


Windows Software is compatible with:

- Windows Vista;

- Windows 7 & Windows 8;

- Windows 10.

Features of Microsoft Word 2013:

❥ New Design Tab - With the Ribbon interface of Microsoft Word 2013, it will be easy to find the new features for styling a document. Choose different themes, colors, and fonts to format your documents to make it more organized.

❥ Convenient Layout Options - The new layout options icon will be easily seen at the top right corner when selecting a picture, chart or SmartArt object. And the format task pane will open when you right-click the object you choose.

❥ Improved Read Mode - One powerful function is that Microsoft Word 2013 remembers the place you are working on and it helps you keep reading or editing when you reopen the document from another device. This feature supports users to edit in multiple views including the Read Mode and the default view in Word.

❥ Smarter Collaboration - What attracts people most is that Word 2013 supports to be reviewed by multiple users to edit and comment in real-time. Besides, the users can also use the reply button to have the option keeping a conversation within the small speech bubble.

❥ Improved Table Features - With the handy Border Painter tool, users can speed up and simply the formatting. Furthermore, hover your mouse outside the left edge of the table to add a new row or column with the small icon which pops up.

❥ Present Online - Like the other Office Suite, Word 2013 supports to connect to the cloud and present the documents anytime you’re online. As the cloud-based file storage service, OneDrive enables you and your colleagues to edit and view the documents from multiple devices simultaneously.


◆ Simple user interface for navigation

◆ Great performance improvements

◆ Sync the documents and settings with Skydrive

◆ Photo imported easily

◆ Improved reading in the reading mode


◆ No support for Windows XP

◆ Difficult to find some tools

◆ No escape from the ribbon interface

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