Spotify Music for PC

Launched in 2008, Spotify Music is a free music, video streaming service which enables users to enjoy millions of different types of songs on multiple devices including Windows, MacOS, Linux computers along with iOS, Android, Windows Phone smartphones, and tablets.

Now Spotify is available in most of Europe, most of the Americas, Australia and parts of Asia. Users can establish different parameters like the album, artist, playlist, genre to search or browse their favorite music. Besides, users can also create, share and edit the playlists on social media. Users of Spotify can get access to over 30 million songs. And it has reached over 140 million active users monthly until June 2017.

Average User Rating:
4.4, 2392 votes


Windows Software is compatible with:

- Windows Vista;

- Windows 7 & Windows 8;

- Windows 10.

Features of Spotify Music:

❍ Discovery Weekly

The section of Spotify’s Discovery Weekly performs better than you can imagine with the idea of a weekly created playlist of songs which may interest most users. Each week this software will summarize and analyze what you’ve listened and created a recommended playlist just for you.

❍ Offline Listening

The offline listening feature enables users to download their favorite songs from Spotify to phones. Therefore, they can listen to them without any Internet connection. However, it will cost people $9.99 a month for this feature. It sounds not so expensive to download whatever you like from Spotify and enjoy them freely.

❍ Your Daily Mixes

Your Daily Mixes offers a way for users to keep close with their old friends and Discovery Weekly aims to help them make new music friends. If they want to find music including any mood, Your Daily Mixes will work. Each mix will contain featured artists, different genres, and themes.

❍ Private Listening

Similar to other music software, Spotify Music also has the social function which allows users’ friends to follow the songs they’ve listened and to view their playlists. However, they can customize it to have the private listening option if they don’t want others to know what they are listening and keep their music habits a secret.

❍ Adding tracks from Shazam

Spotify Music can make users add tracks which have been on another music application called Shazam. Users can get more songs on Shazam and connect it to Spotify account. Therefore, it will be an effective way for most users to save lots of time spent on discovering for listening.


• Sync and download features

• Use playlists customized your songs

• Share with friends of the playlists

• Filters can be used for streaming radio

• Users can import their MP3 files into the software

• Spotify Music allows users to have social communication through friend list and Facebook connection.


• In the free version there will be ads appearing.

• You can buy individual songs only with credit card.

• It will be unavailable to download some songs.

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