ZenMate VPN for PC

ZenMate VPN is a powerful tool developed by ZenGuard GmbH to make sure users access the content they love securely and privately online. It has got over 42 million users to scan the web anonymously and securely. With ZenMate VPN, users can watch and download their favorite shows freely with lighting speed.

ZenMate VPN is available for multiple devices like iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and browsers like Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. ZenMate VPN enables you to enjoy the fast, secure and easy web scanning experience. Download it to enjoy your favorite content, overcome the geo-restrictions and protect your privacy now!

  • License:Trial version
  • Developer:ZenMate
  • Category: Browsers, Add-ons & Tools
  • Link:Official Website
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Windows Software is compatible with:

- Windows Vista;

- Windows 7 & Windows 8;

- Windows 10.

Features of ZenMate VPN:

❍ Security & Privacy

As one of the best security tools, ZenMate VPN is more than a proxy, it also encrypts the browser traffic to avoid users being stealing of their data and makes sure that they can browse the web securely. Besides, it also has extensions for different browsers including Chrome, Firefox and much more.

❍ Free VPN

With ZenMate VPN, users can feel free to change their geolocation for unblocking any websites on the Internet and hiding your own local IP address. Just enjoy the 30 VPN server locations all over the world now!

❍ Fast VPN

As one of the fastest VPN services, ZenMate VPN offers users a great and fast browsing websites experience. Thus, they can enjoy and download their favorite content without worrying about the speed.

❍ Good Price

An extra feature of ZenMate VPN is that it has an affordable price which enables users to enjoy the comprehensive services to browse the websites securely and privately.

Features of Premium ZenMate VPN:

❍ VPN Clients

With the premium ZenMate VPN, it makes all the connections securely with their VPN clients for Android, iOS, Windows, and OSX. Besides, it can also track all the traffic through the highly secured VPN servers and avoid everything included in the file transfers missing.

❍ Improving Speed

The premium version allows users to enjoy the maximum Speed VPN and access more than 30 server locations. Therefore, users can enjoy more their favorite content with this version.

❍ Smart Locations

Users can set the specific VPN server locations to simplify their browsing experience. And ZenMate VPN can also connect to the specified location anytime you get to that URL automatically.


• Free version

• Premium version offers 7-day free trial

• Five connections can be allowed simultaneously

• Premium version guarantees the 14-day money back

• Browser and extension version


• Customer service is slow

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