Vector 2 - Review & Download

Vector is an exciting, parkour-simulation game in which users can run everywhere without being hold down by any obstacles of the system.

Vector is inspired by a classical anti-utopia novel "1984" by George Orwell, in which Big Brother is a dictator. Ruled by Big Brother for a long time, our main character finally comes to himself and lead a journey of running from utopia.

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Vector 2 is no doubt a continuation of Vector made by Russian independent studio Nekki. The plot of Vector 2 continues the storyline and brings users back to the future world, in which the Big Brother keeps track of any actions of the people.

Vector 2 also adds new locations and enemies, new kinds of obstacles and pitfalls, and a huge set of additional gadgets to unlock.


◆Arcade-style gameplay from the makers of the hit Facebook game

◆Highly lifelike Parkour-inspired moves

◆Cascadeur animation tools

◆20 challenging levels included(40 in the "Deluxe" Version)

◆Quick to learn, challenging to master

Vector 2


You can be a better runner with good equipment! The experimental high-tech gear will help you survive a little longer and find ways to upgrade it.

If you are a parkour lover, then don't miss Vector 2! The best parkour-inspired action game ever!